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Jimmy's Mobile Detailing and Ceramic Coating Services in Morehead City. NC  is committed to providing professional car detailing services!  Many years of comprehensive Automotive Reconditioning experience.  I offer the true form of detailing at Jimmy's Mobile Detailing.  Professional Mobile unit available for my basic full detailing! Ceramic Coating must be done at my fixed location in beautiful downtown Morehead City, NC. Vehicles in extreme condition will need to be done at my fixed location.

Below is a description of my Basic Full Detailing Service.

*** Full Detailing includes interior and exterior of vehicle. ***

Jimmy's Full Exterior Detailing includes ...Hand wash, removal of bug splatter, light road tar, wheel wells cleaned, wheels and tires cleaned and conditioned, exterior trim and moldings cleaned and conditioned,  premium grade clay bar system used to rid the vehicles surface of light contaminants, light scratches in and around door handles removed, Exterior Painted Surface protected with Advanced Express Si02 protective ceramic coating. A revolutionary long lasting paint protection.  (Also available, not included: Total painted surface decontamination to remove scratches,oxidation, rust specks, rail dust and other hard to remove contaminants.) Ask for details.                                                                                                                                                                           

Jimmy's Full Interior Detailing includes...Dash, vent louvers, console, cup holders, gear shift, gauges, instrument cluster, buttons, door panels, steering wheel and column, All nooks  and crannies, Cleaned and Sanitized, All Interior Trim Cleaned and Conditioned, (quick drying) carpet and upholstery shampooing to remove moderate soil and stains,(no saturation), deep cleaning and conditioning of leather seats, seat tracks cleaned,  floor mat cleaning(Restrictions Apply).

***Please visit the price list page for more information***

Jimmy's Detailing offers a full line-up of Professional Ceramic Coatings! 

2+ yrs of total surface protection up to 15+ yrs of 9H hardness ceramic coating.

**Professional Ceramic Coating installation must be done at my fixed shop location**

To make arrangements for an estimate, please call.


Available but not included: Ozone Machine Treatment for your  vehicle to remove and eliminate odors such as cigarette smoke.  Destroys bacteria, viruses, mold and leaves your vehicle totally sanitized, odor free!

**Professional Paint Correction Available To Remove Oxidation, Light Scratches,Swirling and many other moderate Paint Imperfections! 100% Buffer Swirl Mark and Machine Hologram Free Results guaranteed**

 **Vehicles with excessive pet hair, beach sand, extremely heavy soiled carpets and upholstery may require service upgrade**


**For vehicles in severe condition, product and service upgrades available at discounted prices! Severe Artillery Spore Contamination*** Rail Dust Rust Spots*** Severe Scratches and Heavy Oxidation Removal Not Included in Basic Detailing Service.**


Custom detailing options available.

All work done on appointment basis only** Please help by removing all personal items from vehicle before detailing.

In order to secure your appointment, you must call 252-723-4587 during working hours, then complete the contact us form.


Payment Methods: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express

(No personal checks)